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Your podcast is an SEO gold mine. Tap into it and automate your show notes, social media post, newsletters, and blog posts.

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Turn your podcast episodes into engaging show notes, social media posts, newsletters, and SEO blogs. Share highlights, quotes, and key moments to keep your audience engaged.

Show Notes

Enhance your podcast's accessibility and engagement by converting episodes into detailed show notes.

Social Media

Transform your podcast episodes into captivating social media content effortlessly.

SEO Blogs

Boost your online presence by converting podcast episodes into SEO-friendly blog posts.


Increase your reach by converting podcast episodes into engaging newsletter content.

podools case study

Case Study

Read Andrew Huberman

Over the course of a month I built - a website that converts Huberman's podcasts into blogs. The website now gets over 8k organic clicks and 100k+ impressions per month.


  • Achieved 8k+ organic clicks and 100k+ impressions per month within just 30 days
  • Automatically converts podcasts into SEO'd blogs
  • Automatically posts content to WordPress


Only get billed for what you use

Starter   🛴

For hobby podcasters

  • - $10 of free usage
  • - Podcast to Show Notes
  • - Podcast to Social Media
  • - Podcast to Newsletter
  • - Podcast to Blog


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Starter Plus   🛵💨

For growing podcasters

  • - Podcast to Show Notes
  • - Podcast to Social Media
  • - Podcast to Newsletter
  • - Podcast to Blog
  • - Backlog podcast to blog converter
  • - Founder level customer support

As low as $0.04 / minute

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(Base Fee: $0.03 / Minute)

Show Notes


$0.0002 / Minute


$0.0040 / Minute


$0.0002 / Minute


$0.0025 / Minute

Key Takeaways:

$0.0004 / Minute


$0.0060 / Minute

Social Media


$0.0005 / Minute


$0.0005 / Minute


$0.0005 / Minute


$0.0005 / Minute



$0.0005 / Minute



$0.1000 / Minute

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We've got answers.

How can I optimize my podcast show notes for SEO?

Show notes aren't inherently designed to enhance SEO. Their purpose is to help fans understand what your podcast is about. If you're trying to optimize for SEO then consider converting your episode into a blog post.

What are the best practices for converting podcasts into blogs?

To convert podcasts into blogs, start by creating a detailed transcription of the episode. Identify key themes and topics to structure your blog post. Summarize the main points clearly, add relevant quotes. Enhance the content with SEO-friendly keywords, headings, and subheadings. Incorporate multimedia elements like images, audio snippets, and links to the original podcast. Finally, edit for readability and ensure the blog reflects the podcast's tone and style.

How can social media posts help increase the reach of my podcasts?

Social media posts can help increase the reach of your podcasts by providing engaging content that encourages sharing and interaction. Share highlights, quotes, and clips from your episodes to attract attention. Use relevant hashtags to reach a broader audience. Engage with your followers by asking questions and encouraging comments. Collaborate with influencers and guests to extend your reach further. Consistent posting and utilizing different platforms will maximize your podcast's visibility and attract new listeners.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when creating show notes?

Common mistakes to avoid when creating show notes include being too vague or overly detailed, neglecting to include timestamps, missing key points or topics covered in the episode, and failing to add links to resources mentioned. Avoid grammatical errors and poor formatting, which can make show notes hard to read. Ensure show notes are engaging, concise, and provide clear value to your audience.